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Reporting Bugs in FindBugs

First of all, if you find a bug in FindBugs, and have the skills to fix it, we encourage you to unleash the power of open source and send us a patch.  We will gladly credit you on our website and in the manual.

Please report bugs using the Sourceforge bugs tracker.  Note that you need to be logged in to sourceforge to use the bug tracker.

If you cannot use the Sourceforge tracker, you can try sending email to the findbugs-discuss mailing list.  You must be subscribed to the list to post a message.

Finally, as a last resort, you can email  However, such emails are much less likely to be handled in a timely manner than posts to the tracker or mailing list.

False and Inaccurate Warnings

Like most bug-detection tools based on static analysis, FindBugs issues some warnings that do not correspond to real bugs.  While in general we would like to make the percentage of such warnings small, we can never fully eliminate them.

Information to include

When reporting a bug, please include the following information:

  • Complete list of steps to reproduce the problem
  • If the error occurs during analysis, a jar file, class file, or self-contained Java class that demonstrates the problem
  • FindBugs version
  • JDK/JRE version
  • Host operating system
  • Any exception traces, Eclipse error log entries, etc. that might be relevant

Send comments to

FindBugs on