Chapter 2. Installing FindBugs

Table of Contents

1. Extracting the Distribution

This chapter explains how to install FindBugs.

1. Extracting the Distribution

The easiest way to install FindBugs is to download a binary distribution. Binary distributions are available in gzipped tar format and zip format. Once you have downloaded a binary distribution, extract it into a directory of your choice.

Extracting a gzipped tar format distribution:

$ gunzip -c findbugs-3.0.1.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Extracting a zip format distribution:


Usually, extracting a binary distribution will create a directory ending in findbugs-3.0.1. For example, if you extracted the binary distribution from the C:\Software directory, then the FindBugs software will be extracted into the directory C:\Software\findbugs-3.0.1. This directory is the FindBugs home directory. We'll refer to it as $FINDBUGS_HOME (or %FINDBUGS_HOME% for Windows) throughout this manual.